Recognition: The Benefits In Retail

While employee recognition systems are becoming increasingly popular in office-based white collar roles, its potential in service industries has been largely overlooked. When properly implemented, an employee recognition system has the potential to radically transform a retail workplace by driving employee engagement and creating a positive work experience. As consumers continue to be lured away from the traditional bricks-and-mortar retail experience to online what can employers in this space do to both prepare and go on the defensive in this new war?

What recognition can offer

In retail, customer service is deeply linked to your brand’s value proposition. In a world where pretty much everything can be bought online and delivered to your door, being able to offer something more in-store to your customers will be what sets you apart. Failing to offer a quality customer service experience can have a direct and significant impact on your bottom line.

Empowering your employees to recognise every day good behaviour means that your entire staff will be providing positive encouragement to each other, reinforcing good, customer-centric patterns of behaviour. Unfortunately, many workers aren’t supported by their employers in this pursuit – choosing to make it the focus of your business and putting it at the centre of your human resources policy can have great benefits for both the business, your employees and your customers.

Good for employees, customers & the company

Research by consulting firm Accenture shows that poor customer service experiences are costing Australian businesses $122 billion every year, meaning that the cost of not investing in your culture could cost your business more. Taking the time to build a culture of recognition within your retail front-line will make your brand standout in the market.

What’s more, employees will feel more valued by and connected to their company and its brand values, increasing morale and productivity while reducing your turnover rates. It’ll also help to break down barriers between the stores and your support offices, making the whole organisation feel more cohesive.

If you’re interested in making recognition a key part of your retail business, speak to the team at Achievers today and find out why so many organisations rely our Achievers Employee Success platform. We help businesses better engage their employees through social recognition, helping increase employee engagement and ultimately creating a happier, healthier and safer workplace.

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