Separating The Great From The Good – Discovering Your Most Talented Employees

Every manager knows what a good employee looks like. They make your numbers rise, they are referred to positively in management meetings, and you’ve seldom had to reign them in.

But do you know what makes a great one? Many managers and leaders get stumped by this question, offering up ideas of someone who’s just better at being a ‘good employee’. This is one case where ‘great’ and ‘good’ are two very different things. To help you recognise the real talent in your office, we’ve put together a short field guide. With this, you’ll have a starting point not just for recognising talent when you’ve got it, but talent when you’re looking for at the recruitment stage.

Not just another cog in the machine

Every employee should understand that it’s only with all of us working together that a company gets anything done. But do you really want people who come in and mechanically do the same thing every day? If you’re looking to become an agile, fast-growing company, you need people who know when to push that little bit harder or in an unconventional way.

Some call these people ‘quirky’ or ‘eccentric’, but we call them ‘irreplaceable’. These are the kinds of people who could do great and different things if given leadership. Look for the individuals who are balancing their normal workload with thinking the big thoughts about how their whole department could grow. Those are your greats.

Recognising that there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’

Like we said before, it’s about balance. You want autonomous, big picture people in your team, but at the end of the day, you all need to work together. Great employees won’t just be the people succeeding all the time – though they will do a lot of that – they’ll also be the ones taking the time to recognise others for their wins. You’ll often see great employees bringing someone else’s success to management, helping that person get the recognition and credit they deserve.

Likewise, they also won’t be afraid to knuckle-under and back up a team-mate during the workday. These are the people finishing their day’s work at 4pm and spending the last hour helping out a colleague who’s snowed under. They’re assets not just to you, but everyone in the department.

If you want to show your great employees what they mean to your company, consider the Achievers employee engagement and recognition system. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you on 03 9107 4400.

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