All for one and one for all. Uniting a global workforce with company culture

Change is good, but as businesses rapidly respond to emerging trends, markets, and opportunities, a strong, united culture is more important than ever for employee engagement to thrive.


In today’s business climate characterised by constant change, employees’ ability to successfully adapt and respond is, more than ever, dependent on their level of engagement. Where connecting across geographies, across cultures, and across lines of business are day-to-day realities, employees are often responding to what is missing – and very often, what’s missing is a culture that powerfully unites the entire organisation. In “All for one and one for all: Uniting a global workforce with company culture,” you’ll learn:

  • How change impacts employee engagement
  • Barriers to company-wide engagement, and what factors will help create common ground for global engagement
  • Keys to approaching a unified culture strategy
  • How to use employee recognition to support culture and drive employee engagement
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